For the abstract submissions

Anonymous abstracts may be submitted for two types of presentations at the workshop: oral presentations and poster presentations. Poster presentations are particularly appropriate for brief descriptions of specialized implementations, resources under development and work in progress.

Regardless of the type of submission, abstracts may not exceed two pages in length (not including data, figures and references). Both one-column or two-column abstracts are permissible. However do not use a font that is smaller than 11pt. If you are using LaTeX for document preparation, then any recent ACL style file can be used. The final camera ready version of the full paper for the proceedings must be in two-column format conforming to the most recent ACL style file.

For the camera-ready paper submissions

The TAG+11 proceedings will follow the formatting guidelines established for EACL 2012. Consequently, you should use the style files (for LaTeX or Microsoft Word) that the EACL 2012 organizers have made available at the URL:

Detailed formatting specifications are also reported at the above URL. However, please do not contact anybody from EACL 2012 if you have questions regarding formatting and use of these style guidelines. Rather, if you have any such questions, send them to

Requirements specific to TAG+11 are as follows. The papers can be no more than 9 pages in length, including all figures, references and any other auxiliary information. There is no difference in the length between papers accepted as talks or poster presentation. All submissions must be in pdf format, using A4 size (210 × 297 millimetres, 8.3 × 11.7 inches), and have no page numbers. If you are using LaTeX on a system configured to produce Letter size output by default, you can create A4 size output from a .dvi file, by running dvips -t a4 yourfile.dvi and then converting the resulting ps file to pdf using ps2pdf.

The deadline for submitting the final camera-ready paper for the proceedings is September 7th, 2012. You should submit your PDF file by e-mail to

For the posters

The posters should be in A0 format (841mm x 1189mm, vertical or horizontal). Please note that 5mm quick fire presentations are planned for posters

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