WoLeR 2011 at ESSLLI

International Workshop on Lexical Resources

August 1-5, 2011 – Ljubljana, Slovenia


A non-exclusive list of topics covered by this workshop is:

  1. lexical resources involving information from one or more description levels, such as morphology, syntax (e.g. valency), semantics (e.g. wordnets), named entity databases and terminologies

  2. models, frameworks and architectures for representing lexical information

  3. comparing, merging and coupling lexical resources

  4. (offline) acquisition of lexical information, e.g. from raw, tagged or parsed corpora

  5. dynamic lexicons, processing of unknown words, neologisms

  6. lexicons of multi-word units, idioms, derived lexemes and other complex lexical units

  7. multilingual lexicons

  8. issues specific to developing lexical resources for less-resourced languages

  9. issues specific to developing lexical resources for typologically or genetically (un)related languages

  10. lexical resources for improving language-related research and applications in areas such as NLP (parsing, text generation, automatic translation, information extraction…), linguistic research, translation studies, language teaching

  11. evaluation methods for lexical resources

  12. issues on standardization and distribution of lexical resources


WoLeR 2011 is an ESSLLI 2011 workshop

WoLeR 2011 is endorsed by FlaReNet, and supported by the Alpage team and the EDyLex French national grant (ANR-09-CORD-008).

Workshop organizer:

Benoît Sagot (Alpage, INRIA & Université Paris 7)

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Workshop dates: August 1-5, 2011 

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