WoLeR 2011 at ESSLLI

International Workshop on Lexical Resources

August 1-5, 2011 – Ljubljana, Slovenia


Lexical resources are one of the main sources of linguistic information for research and applications in Natural Language Processing and related fields. In recent years advances have been achieved in both symbolic aspects of lexical resource development (lexical formalisms, rule-based tools) and statistical techniques for the acquisition and enrichment of lexical resources, both monolingual and multilingual. The latter have allowed for faster development of large-scale morphological, syntactic and/or semantic resources, for widely-used as well as resource-scarce languages. Moreover, the notion of dynamic lexicon is used increasingly for taking into account the fact that the lexicon undergoes a permanent evolution.

This workshop aims at sketching a large picture of the state of the art in the domain of lexical resource modeling and development. It is also dedicated to research on the application of lexical resources for improving corpus-based studies and language processing tools, both in NLP and in other language-related fields, such as linguistics, translation studies, and didactics.


WoLeR 2011 is an ESSLLI 2011 workshop

WoLeR 2011 is endorsed by FlaReNet, and supported by the Alpage team and the EDyLex French national grant (ANR-09-CORD-008).

Workshop organizer:

Benoît Sagot (Alpage, INRIA & Université Paris 7)

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Workshop dates: August 1-5, 2011 

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NEW: the workshop proceedings have been published