Building factorized TAGs with meta-grammars

Reference ID6369
TitreBuilding factorized TAGs with meta-grammars
Publication TypeConference Paper
Année de publication2010
AuteursDe La Clergerie, ÉVillemonte
Nom de la conférenceThe 10th International Conference on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms - TAG+10
Lieu de la conférenceNew Haven, CO, États-Unis
Mots-clésmetagrammar, NLP, parsing, TAG

Highly compacted TAGs may be built by allowing subtree factorization operators within the elementary trees. While hand-crafting such trees remains possible, a better option arises from a coupling with meta-grammar descriptions. The approach has been validated by the development of FRMG, a wide-coverage French TAG of only 207 trees.

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