FRMG Shell Help

FRMG shell commands

  • quit : exit this shell (alias: q | bye )
  • sentence <sent> : add <sent> to the sentence set and process it (alias: s| ' | .)
  • load <file> : load a set of sentences from <file> (alias: open | o )
  • save <file> : save the current sentence set into <file>
  • list : list all sentences
  • set <option> : set an option (see 'show options')
  • show options (alias opt)
  • help: shows this help (alias usage | h | ?)
  • <empty line> : process the current sentence
  • prev : process the previous sentence (alias -)
  • prev <shift> : move back <shift> sentences and process (alias -<shift>)
  • next : process the next sentence (alias +)
  • next <shift> : move forward <shift> sentences and process (alias +<shift>)
  • <sid> : process sentence <sid>
  • (<sid>:<opts>)+ : process several sentences with local options (ex: 1:dep:nodis 1:dep:xml:o=s1.dep.xml 1:passage)
  • dbdir <archive> : set <archive> as the current archive
  • dbclose : close the current archive (alias clean)
  • extract <format> <sid> <options> : display the content of the file for sentence <sid> in archive for <format>, if present. (alias <B>x</B>)
  • !extract <sid> <options> : extract the sentence <sid> in archive. (alias !x)
  • dagdir <dagdir> : set <dagdir>, to find DAGs
  • !dag <sid> <options> : extract the DAG for sentence <sid>. (alias !d)
  • corpus <corpus> <dest> :<options>: process <corpus> and save the results under <dest> directory
  • % <shell cmd> : run shell command

This shell maintains an active sentence within a sentence set. New sentences may be added or loaded. The current set of sentences may be saved and searched.

Through the options (set and <sid>:<opts>), one may switch:

  • the annotation scheme: dep, passage, French TreeBank conll, dep conll, or raw
  • the representation format:
    • xml (for passage and dep)
    • html (for passage),
    • graphical (for dep by default)
    • svg (for dep) to be displayed with firefox (default) or with zgrviewer (option zgr)
    • latex (for dep) -- require dot2tex
  • the ambiguity: dis/nodis (for dep)
  • parser options:
    • ctag/nolctag (use of left corner relation)
    • correct/nocorrect (correction mode when failure, on by default)
    • robust (partial parsing when failure, off by default)
  • disamb options: with dis_options="<opts>"
  • debug:
    • dyam (low level DyALog trace)
    • follow (item histogram, require
  • flow redirect:
    • o=<output> (save ouput in <output>)
    • o=+<output> (append ouput to <output>)
    • less or | (redirect to pager less)

frmg_shell may be used to examine the content of archives produced by when processing (large) corpus.

frmg_shell may be used to process in batch mode (with option -batch) a set of commands provided in a file (-batch file) or on stdin (-batch -).

For more information about zgrviewer, see

For more information about dot2tex, see