• CFG: Context-Free Grammar .
  • CKY: Cocke-Kasami-Younger (algotrithm) .
  • DAG: directed acyclic graph .
  • DCG: Definite Clause Grammar.
  • DP: Dynamic Programming.
  • HPSG: Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar.
  • LFG: Lexical Functional Grammar.
  • LIG: Linear Indexed Grammar.
  • MAF: Morpho-Syntactic Annotation Framework. MAF is a standard proposal developed by ISO TC37SC4 commitee. See
  • MG (Meta-Grammar): Introduced by Marie-Hélène Candito in 1999, the Meta-Grammar is a more abstract grammar, designed to be compiled into TAG. See FRMG.
  • RCG: Range Concatenation Grammars.
  • TAG: Tree Adjoining Grammars.
  • TIG: Tree Insertion Grammar.